Crowdmix is coming

Crowdmix, a startup which has been making some headlines in the music industry at the moment have been developing “a social music platform that lets you discover music through friends and friends through music”.

As part of it, they needed to develop a place where they could manage, engage and reward an exclusive group of global trendsetters they have been recruiting, called the Mixerati. The New Black was asked to help them develop this sister website, and more specifically the tool through which influencers signed up and connected their social accounts.

Through this tool, influencers would give permissions for Mixerati to pull the number of followers on their various social accounts and pages (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc..) giving them an overview of the number of people they could reach.

These numbers were added up to calculate the total reach Crowdmix as a platform would have through these influencers. This was key information they needed in order to recruit more artists and advertisers for when their platform would launch, but also to help them raise more investment to further improve their offering.

On Crowdmix’s end, a dashboard was built through which they could approve, manage, search all of the influencers registering for Mixerati and get a quick and up-to-date overview of the total reach their influencers have over each platform and as a whole.