Jason Derulo - Ridin' Solo

​Jason Derulo was a newcomer on the R&B scene. We were approached by Warner Music UK and US to build a Facebook app promoting the first single of his self-titled album.

Often it's the really simple ideas that work best when marketing an artist, or even a product or service for that matter. From a user perspective, if you can make taking part in a campaign almost effortless and have a good idea you're very likely to get a good uptake. Our task in this case was to create an app that simply changed a fans relationship status to 'Ridin' Solo' - the name of the single we were promoting.

Now If you've ever changed your relationship status on Facebook, you will agree that this kind of activity always leads to a lot of kerfuffle. You could of course also translate that to comments, likes, engagement - and that was precisely our goal.


The campaign connected very well with fans as a whole, and on Facebook we also got some great results too. Over 300k fans used the app to change their relationship status, and at its peak we had just under 30k monthly active users.

Finally the app also had a free download mechanic to drive signup to the Jason Derulo mailing list, to which we added 20,000 fans