Less is more

Over the last week or so we’ve stumbled upon a series of beautifully simple sites that abide by the age old design cliche, ‘less is more’.

In the world of web design creating visually balanced pages is more than establishing harmonious text to image relationships. It involves working with static elements such as buttons, widgets, menu systems, media elements, etc to create sites that are both pleasing to the eye, informative, on-brand and most importantly easy and rewarding to use.

Pulling of the ‘less is more’ look is about being clinical and confident in terms of the deciding of how much content and functionality is vital to creating an effective site. When done well, content will be delivered to users in a way that feels both natural and effortless. 

Follow the links below to view the site:

Kelly Shaw - http://www.kellyshaw.co.uk/

Whitmans NYChttp://www.whitmansnyc.com/

Quinn Architects - http://www.quinnuk.com/

Less is more Less is more Less is more