Recce makes London feel like Sim City

​Recce isn’t just another maps/POI app, it’s a maps/POI app that makes London feel like Sim City

Beyond the novelty of its beautiful and incredibly accurate 3D mapping of the city (Zones 1 & 2 only), Recce is also delightfully useful.

In addition to helping its users pinpoint recommended dining and entertainment spots, as well as olympic venues, hotels and banks alike, tapping on tube stations will present users with real time transport information. Similarly tapping on Boris Bike docking stations delivers information about the amount of available bikes/empty docks, useful indeed.

Recce’s pinning feature also enables the user to pin all of their favourite destinations for future viewing. You can also share recommendations with friends via Twitter, from right inside the app itself.

Recce makes London feel like Sim City

The UI is incredibly simple and a pleasure to use, so when you’re not using your finger and thumb to fly over the capital like Superman, navigating the menu system is also a fun pass-time.

With the olympics fast approaching, Recce’s visual approach to mapping is likely to prove popular with overseas visitors. Get it here, free.