Sugru impresses us in more than one way

​This morning we went to check out Poke Presents. A free event put together by the awe inspiring Poke, hosted at cooler now temporary event space Hackney House.

200 or so people took advantage of the free ticket offer and made their way over there with us to check out ‘The Internet Industrialist’ panel session. Fronted by some of Hackney’s coolest start-ups the session involved hearing first-hand accounts from people who had recently reaped the benefits of using the internet to take a physical product to market. 

One start-up that particularly caught our eye was Sugru. Sugru is a kind of self-setting rubber that makes fixing everyday objects, or modifying them a doddle. Its customer base varies from those using the product to fix cars and washing machines etc, to those who simply want to use it to create cool craft based objects, keyrings, ornaments and so on.

Sugru impresses us in more than one way

It was interesting to hear how the team at Sugru endorsed the idea of how embracing your online consumer community ads significant value to a brand, by using your website as a platform for supporters of the product to showcase their creative uses.

By doing so they initially had fears about how those visiting the website may disregard the product’s potentially practical uses (fixing seals, cables or even shoes etc) when presented with a homepage that made the product look like children modelling clay, and vice versa.

However, they’ve created a fantastic (fully responsive) website that, by clicking keywords, or arriving at the site by particular search terms, quickly reinterprets the homepage by presenting the user with content and visuals more suited to their need.

A fantastic example of a how to use a single website dynamically to talk to multiple consumer types. 

Sugru impresses us in more than one way