Anne Grete Preus

Anne Grete Preus, is Norway’s answer to Tom Jones

(Note the above statement may not be entirely true but that's what we like to think).

Warner Music Norway needed a website to promote her new album, but also to commemorate a re-mastered re-release of her entire catalogue. This meant we had to put as much emphasis on her discography as we could, without forgetting to offer the user ways to stream the album directly from the website. As it turns out - the first part ended up being quite simple. We simply used a grid with all of the albums as the landing page. For the latter we used Spotify, one of the streaming platforms that has embeddable widgets and over time will generate revenue for the artist - something that was of course important for the label. 

Besides the fact it was another responsive website we could get our mitts on, the most exciting feature for us was the lyrics search. As part of the brief we were told every word from every song in the album needed to be searchable. As her catalogue spans 9 albums and her songs are in no way instrumental, this meant quite a lot of words to sift through. We're no Google, but we think we did a decent job with the search bar.