Freeze Festival

Freeze Festival is a unique 1 day music and snowboarding Big Air event in the heart of London

This summer was primarily busy helping Vision Nine with the creative for their event Freeze Festival. Vision Nine needed someone to develop a visual identity system which could be carried across to their event online, offline and on-site in 2015. 

Every year Freeze has a new creative to promote their event, but this year things were a bit different as the event had been on hiatus for a year and was changing format. The focus off the event had now shifted more towards the sport which needed to come across visually. To achieve that we took some pointers from Football and ATP tennis who put the onus on the athletes bringing them to the forefront in their campaigns.

This led to a photoshoot, were we reached out to Marcus Maschwitz a great South African photographer who lives in London and who we've worked with in the past (check him out here). We briefed him to make our athletes look serious and tough so we could use these photos as the basis of our VIS artwork. This ended up being an experience in itself photographing 2 snowboarders in their full winter gear in scorching London (it was 35 degrees that day). 

A few months later and here's some examples of the artwork at use across billboards, flyers, podiums and some digital assets.