Knife Party

​Back in 2013 Bitcoin was already making a bit of noise, which is when Warner Music sent us a brief to work on an online store for Knife Party are an electronic dance music duo.

The aim was to release their EP as the first ever recording artist Bitcoin-powered store. Bitcoin at the time was a lot more cumbersome to use than it may be now, so the aim of the campaign wasn't so much to sell tons of downloads but rather a PR exercise.

At the time we didn't know much about accepting Bitcoin transactions, but we were confident we could deliver something that worked. What quickly became apparent to us though was how many steps were involved for anyone who wasn't signed up to Bitcoin already and even then, from a user perspective it would be much easier to just download it from iTunes.

In the end the site we produced did what it needed to, and the numbers of downloads they got even surpassed expectations. The number of downloads was never important though, but it was still nice to see it worked and from a novelty perspective fans were giving it a go.