Ruby Pseudo are a youth insights agency who leverage their network of tastemaker kids across the world with leading brands such as Nike and Adidas amongst others. 

Until we setup RPC NMS, Ruby Pseudo were handling this network via a mix of spreadsheets, Facebook groups and email. As they grew  they needed a better way to handle this, but also to get a better idea of how their network is spread out geographically at a glance. The latter being something they wanted to feed back to their new and existing clients. 

The main part of the internal tool we created is the web-based interface through which staff members are able to quickly query their network via a set of pre-defined variables. Admins are able to filter the database by keywords, gender, location and age-range, with the interface responding in an intuitive and interactive way. This then allows them to contact and tailor their network into custom groups depending on the brief they receive from the clients they are working with. 

The tool is also supported by a signup mechanism applicants use to register to become part of the team, and allows staff to approve or turn them down.

We were really pleased with the opaque and modern interface we delivered, but more importantly we were happy we succeeded in saving Ruby Pseudo precious time managing their network. 

This was just a first step in providing them with a set of digital tool to streamline their every day tasks, with plans to expand the functionality in the future having been discussed.