Nyxoah 2.0

After working on the first version of the website for this medical device startup, we gave them a full company-wide makeover a couple of years later.

Nyxoah is a medical device startup that has reached a new phase in their development. As such they wanted to re-visit their digital presence, branding and creative. 

Website design and build

The old website was carefully audited, and a new structure was put together to match the company's current needs. With the new website we introduced a new colour palette, product imagery, functionality and content. Visit the website at www.nyxoah.com

Branding and artwork

With the website build we were also given freedom to give the company's branding a make-over. We didn't change their logo, rather introduced new typography and a more modern and colourful palette. We then applied this new look and feel to various pieces of print artwork such as business cards, document templates, brochures, etc....

3D modelling

When we started Nyxoah's product only existed as basic 3D wireframe models and a handful of demo products. Based on those we produced 3D mockups which were to be used across the new website, and other forms of marketing and sales documents.

Storyboarding and animation video

The website will feature a 2 min video introducing what Nyxoah's product is about and how it works. The video will use a mixture of 3D, animation and voice over. We will update this section once the video is ready.