Pulled Apart By Horses

Pulled Apart By Horses, a rock band that shares management with Muse, approached us because they had an idea they wanted to run by us for their upcoming album Tough Love.

Before releasing it to the world, they wanted to give their existing fans the opportunity to rent the album for a limited period of time. Ideally they wanted fans to be able to download tracks and play them on whichever devices they wanted. Although we did look into the feasibility of it via use of some type of DRM technology, it would have been overly complicated and wasn't going to be possible in this instance. 

The alternative ended up being a social campaign, through which existing and new fans could stream the new album before general release, and be encouraged to share it with their peers for an additional gift. 

The initiative took the form of a Facebook tab which included a custom Soundcloud player fans used to listen to the album. To get access to the album fans simply needed to give permissions to their basic Facebook info, which essentially meant signing up to the band's mailing list. Once they had access they could listen to the album for 14 days only. 

A further feature of the app to drive awareness of the campaign was a share mechanic through which fans were sent an exclusive track from the upcoming album if they shared their use of it on Twitter and Facebook. 

The app was eventually re-purposed to become a type of gifting platform through which fans got access to exclusive content and discounts around the band's activities.