Rhino Records

Rhino Records the label home of Warner Records and legendary artists such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, needed a new website with a more modern look and feel to drive streaming revenue and highlighting key releases.

The homepage which is really the heart of the website, takes the form of a grid where the user can filter content by releases, videos, playlists and stream it all right there. The streaming players simply take the form of embed codes from Spotify and  Youtube, but are hidden away until you press play to give the page a more homogenous look and feel. 

We had a little bit of fun with the advertising the label wanted to feature on the site too, by including a large banner space which appears from behind the grid as you scroll through the site. It's not a unique feature by any means, but a still quite uncommon yet elegant way to feature advertising on your website. 

Note we can't take credit for the store, because we didn't design or build it - but we do look forward to working on an online store re-design for a label in the future.