Snact is a sustainable food start-up based in London who needed branding work done on a shoe-string budget.

Snact's focus and first product, is to use what people in the food industry refer to as 'ugly' fruit and vegetables (the ones that supermarkets would normally discard) and make food out of it. Enter Fruit Jerky, or a way to reduce food waste and create delicious and healthy snacks. 

So now you have a little understanding about the startup we can tell you about our work, and how we got there. 

Initially we worked on 2 mood boards which we created in to present to the client. One was a more predictable organic food product look and feel featuring neutral tones, chunky serif typefaces, handwritten typography, screenprint style textures, photorealistic imagery etc...which you can still view it here if you want:

The other was a more unique, 'beautiful' and simple route, which made use of whitespace, block shapes, bold colours, fun/clever illustrations, patterns and typography. Moodpboard here for you to peruse:

Now the former would have matched the product they were launching really well. You could also argue that people would recognise it as being within the organic product range, which is one step in getting your customers to recognise your product. However, what you really want is for your product to stand out from the rest, for people to notice it and then pick it up. 

That formed the basis of what we ended up presenting the client, along the below image to illustrate our point, and why we thought the more unique route was the one to follow. Now I'm sure you can guess from the images above which one they went for ?