Solnet Energy

​Solnet is the leading smart solar solutions provider in Finland. With expansion to Europe on the horizon they were looking to build a new website which would enable them to offer their site in multiple languages.

As the services they offer vary in different territories, they also needed enough flexibility with the layout to hide, show or add sections depending on the territory. 

Part of the job of re-designing the website also involved giving the branding a slight refresh with the aim of no longer showcasing Solnet as a startup, but a more mature company expanding into new territories. We refreshed the logo bringing in an element of where Solnet gets its energy from, namely the sun. The 'O' was replaced with a sun in a simple three-colour gradient and we introduced the Oswald font for heading and Source Sans Pro for body copy. 

Photography was also something the company were lacking so we put together a mood board showcasing what style of photos we would need to best showcase the scale of the projects they were undertaking. We also wanted to introduce some motion to the website, so suggested they hired a drone operator to capture some high quality slow motion footage of each of their projects.