Blockhead Energy

Blockhead Energy are a company on a mission to change people's perception of confectionary, making products with real benefits. Like an energy or vitamin boost but without the added sugar and fat.

Nyxoah 2.0

Nyxoah is a medical device startup that has reached a new phase in their development. As such they wanted to re-visit their digital presence, branding and creative. The New black obliged, we love a repeat customer :)  

Freeze Festival

This summer was primarily busy helping Vision Nine with the creative for their event Freeze Festival. Vision Nine needed someone to develop a visual identity system which could be carried across to their event online, offline and on-site in 2015.


Snact is a sustainable food start-up based in London who needed branding work done on a shoe-string budget. Read a few words about how we got there over the break.