Blockhead Energy

Blockhead Energy are a company on a mission to change people's perception of confectionary, making products with real benefits. Like an energy or vitamin boost but without the added sugar and fat.


Snact is a sustainable food start-up based in London who needed branding work done on a shoe-string budget. Read a few words about how we got there over the break. 


Stooshe is a British girl band we worked with on a social initiative, as part of the marketing campaign for their single 'Don't Let It Slip'. Facebook was the platform the campaign took place on, with an app that would trawled through your interactions with your friends on the network and told you which ones you hadn't interacted with for a while. 

Chris Brown

Chris Brown, an R&B artist signed to Sony Music was getting ready to unveil his new album 'Fortune'. Their record label contacted us to discuss social / digital campaign ideas to raise awareness among his fans. We created a unique messaging application which allowed fans to encrypt and send messages to their friends in the album's custom alphabet. 

Pulled Apart By Horses

Pulled Apart By Horses wanted to put their album up for rent for a limited time for their close fans before releasing it to the public. We helped them achieve that via a social media-based campaign.