Solnet Energy

Solnet is the leading smart solar solutions provider in Finland. With expansion to Europe on the horizon they were looking to build a new website which would enable them to offer their site in multiple languages

Blockhead Energy

Blockhead Energy are a company on a mission to change people's perception of confectionary, making products with real benefits. Like an energy or vitamin boost but without the added sugar and fat.

Nyxoah 2.0

Nyxoah is a medical device startup that has reached a new phase in their development. As such they wanted to re-visit their digital presence, branding and creative. The New black obliged, we love a repeat customer :)  

Freeze Festival

This summer was primarily busy helping Vision Nine with the creative for their event Freeze Festival. Vision Nine needed someone to develop a visual identity system which could be carried across to their event online, offline and on-site in 2015.

Rhino Records

Rhino Records the label home of Warner Records and some pretty legendary artists such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, needed a new website with a more modern look and feel and ways to drive streaming revenue and highlighting key releases. 


RPC NMS is a web-based internal tool for youth insights agency Ruby Pseudo.

Having worked on an overhaul of their website, we were tasked to provide them with a better way to handle registration to their network, and a more streamlined way to manage their extensive global network of youths. 

Joel Compass

Joel Compass was a newly signed R&B artist to Polydor Records that had released a series of singles which were accompanied by very cinematic music videos. With the videos being a key component of the marketing campaign (especially online), we were asked to put together a website that would feature them prominently. 


Nyxoah is a medical startup based in Belgium we have been working with for the last year. The responsive website featured here, was our first project with them. 


Snact is a sustainable food start-up based in London who needed branding work done on a shoe-string budget. Read a few words about how we got there over the break. 

Anne Grete Preus

Anne Grete Preus, is Norway’s answer to Tom Jones (at least that's what we like to think) and our first foray into the Norwegian market. Warner Music needed a website to promote her new album, but also to commemorate a re-mastered re-release of her entire catalogue.

Knife Party

Back in 2013 we built a Bitcoin store for Knife Party to sell digital downloads of their EP 'Haunted House'. 

Ruby Pseudo

Ruby Pseudo, a youth insights agency working for brands like Nike, Nokia, Adidas and MTV, approached us to re-design and build their website.