Snact, Freeze Festival and more

It's been a while since the site has been updated then all of a sudden we have a bit of a flurry of updates to share with you so might as well condense them into 1 post. We're a busy bunch... 

A day in the life of a digital agency New Biz Director

JC, our new business director has written a guest blog on you guessed it New Business for the Find Good agency website. Find Good are a search and selection agency which we are signed up with that helps brands connect with the agencies that match their needs. 

The blog is part of a series he will be writing about new business. Watch this space for part 2, the best – AND worst – in disruptive new business marketing. 

Recce makes London feel like Sim City

Recce isn’t just another maps/POI app, it’s a maps/POI app that makes London feel like Sim City. Beyond the novelty of its beautiful and incredibly accurate 3D mapping of the city (Zones 1 & 2 only), Recce is also delightfully useful.

Less is more

Over the last week or so we’ve stumbled upon a series of beautifully simple sites that abide by the age old design cliche, ‘less is more’. Here's a few examples we wanted to share with you. 

​Amen to that!

Amen is a simple, intuitive and addictive iOS app that quickly and effortlessly allows you to voice options on the things you feel strongly about.

Spelltower is a neat little one page site that showcase’s the popular iOS spelling game (available here). The site features some beautifully subtle animations as well as a iPhone sized video of the app in action courtesy of some Vimeo embedding trickery.