Snact, Freeze Festival and more

It's been a while since the site has been updated then all of a sudden we have a bit of a flurry of updates to share with you so might as well condense them into 1 post. We're a busy bunch... 

Crowdmix is coming

Crowdmix, a startup which has been making some headlines in the music industry at the moment have been developing “a social music platform that lets you discover music through friends and friends through music”.

A day in the life of a digital agency New Biz Director

JC, our new business director has written a guest blog on you guessed it New Business for the Find Good agency website. Find Good are a search and selection agency which we are signed up with that helps brands connect with the agencies that match their needs. 

The blog is part of a series he will be writing about new business. Watch this space for part 2, the best – AND worst – in disruptive new business marketing. 

Recce makes London feel like Sim City

Recce isn’t just another maps/POI app, it’s a maps/POI app that makes London feel like Sim City. Beyond the novelty of its beautiful and incredibly accurate 3D mapping of the city (Zones 1 & 2 only), Recce is also delightfully useful.

Less is more

Over the last week or so we’ve stumbled upon a series of beautifully simple sites that abide by the age old design cliche, ‘less is more’. Here's a few examples we wanted to share with you. 

​Amen to that!

Amen is a simple, intuitive and addictive iOS app that quickly and effortlessly allows you to voice options on the things you feel strongly about.

Spelltower is a neat little one page site that showcase’s the popular iOS spelling game (available here). The site features some beautifully subtle animations as well as a iPhone sized video of the app in action courtesy of some Vimeo embedding trickery.